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We all love to build trucks! If you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this…. 

The basis around the company is simple, we are all broke and have a welder. 

I am just like the rest of you, just a blue collar guy working 50 hrs a week with high rents with a small garage. If you are like 90% of the pre runner community you have some wrenching skills and some minor fab skills but would never take on the idea of building your own cage or Long Travel kits. This is where we come in to save the day! All of the kits we sell are designed for easy installs right in your driveway for ¼ of the price you would pay a shop. If you are not a good welder no problem, prep and tack it all up and have your buddy that is good at welding do it for you for a couple bucks or beer. If you don’t want to do any of the fab work and know or trust a good shop, talk to them, prep the cab for the shop and have them install and weld it up for you. Great way to save money and the shop is happy they didn’t have to cut out the cab sheet metal and do the dash R&I. Typically in a 3 day weekend you can have a cage completely installed with a couple buddies helping to hold tubes. Tube prep, Cab prep, dash and interior install, will take the longest. 

Check out our YouTube Channel and Tech section for more information on install.