00-10 Chevy 2500 4wd WIY KIT


  • DISCONTINUED TILL FEATURE NOTICE *************************************
  • 00-10 Chevy 2500 Gas 4wd Long travel WIY KIT
  • GAS models ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is a race style kit. IT IS WAY OVER BUILT!!! So over built I might numb it down some on next run for easier install and way less travel. Towers are HUGE, you will need to move factory parts and modify as needed(brake booster).
  • 16.5″ of travel with 4wd
  • Kit was designed to make it really easy to weld up.
  • Lots of 1/4″ plates used in lower arms. Comes with 2.50″ DOM sleeve and Delran bushings.
  • Upper arm includes custom bungs for hiem joints. Nobody offered one big enough to use.
  • Shock tower wraps around entire front of the frame rail. Comes with hydro mount but not the can on gas motors.
  • Fits up to 10″ shocks up to 3.0 co and 4.0 bp. Mods many be needed to mounts depending on shock configuration.
  • 3/8″ tie rods, Designed to use EMF joints for steering.
  • Vertical uniballs to reduce wear, 1.5″ on bottom 1″ on top.
  • Ships on a Pallet!!! This kit is HEAVY!!! must have business address with forklift. Other charges will apply otherwise.
  • Must use RCV axles. The stock CV joints can not handle this much travel and power.


  • If you are not a competent fabricator, please do not purchase. Anytime you working with formed sheet metal, additional work by you may need to be done.


Part you will need:

Lower Arm.

2) 3.90″ & 3″ 1″ OD 5/8 bolt sleeves

2) 1.5″ uniball and cup




2) 1.” Uniball and cup, spacer 2.65 stack height 3/4 bolt

Upper Arm.

4) Fk heim joints: JMX14T-770 (also EMF has these)

8) Misalignment Spacer For 3/4″ Heim Or Uniball For 5/8″ Bolt 1-13/16″ Stack Ht


Steering parts are provided by EMF Rod ends, these are the strongest joints on the market and do not wear out. You can also get all the joints from them too.

Inner tie rod, you will need to call and get the proper threaded end for the Chevy. These can be delayed at times so do not wait to order. JUST THE INNER UNIBALL with 7/8 shaft.

Outer Tie Rod.

With 2.625 stack height.



Available on backorder



3-4 Weeks turn around time typically.

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