Chevy Back Half KIT


Fits our cage design.

Shortens wheel base 11″ on Ext Cab trucks, wheel base stays the same on Crew cab trucks. Please let me know wheter it is an ext cab or CC.

Allows for Ext cab trucks to use 60″ links, Crew cab 55″ links without cutting into cab on 2.5 co’s.

All .120 DOM tube

2″ DOM Mains

1.75″  & 1.5″ DOM Tie in tubes

Large trunk area, with trunk lid.

Up to a 45 gallon fuel cell next to the cab.

With 60″ links you can get up to 32″ of travel. (if you dare!)

2-3 week lead time.

Shipping up to $250 included to business address with forklift or terminal drop off.

Just like any back half these suck to do. You need lot’s of digital levels, tape measures, jack stands, and more importantly patients.



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