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These trailing arms are probably the strongest engineered arms on the market using 1018 mild steel.
Here is the key features why:

– ¼” back bone ribs front Uni ball to rear Heim bung!! Not just the shock mounting area like

– 3/6” wrap around plates, fill in plates, and over lay plates

– The rear heim bung is 9” long USA DOM 1.75 3/8” wall tube with milled threads (12 right hand).
With the ¼” rib design you get a backing plate on the back side on the tube so shock load force
can not drive the heim bung in through the arm. The cut out in the back bone ribs allows you
weld 56” total onto the 3/8 wall Heim tube so it can not rip out. Most manufactures only allow
you to weld your 2” bung to the outside wrap around plates at the very end of the arm. Causing
it to rip out under extreme situations.

– Fits either 1” ANTI WOOBLE Uniball or Bushing style front joints.Design allows for Uni Ball to be
able to be welded to ¼ Back Bone ribs and 3/16” side wrap around pieces.

– Laser cut and CNC bent with USA steel not India or China.

– Designed to TIG and Mig weld with ease.

– Both 55” and 60” arms are designed with 2.5 co and 4.5bp in mind.

– 60” Link shock mounting: Front to first shock 30”, Second shock is 36”

– 55” Link shock mounting : Front to first shock 28”, Second shock is 33.5”

-Minimally coil over will need a 1″ longer rod end, this keeps all the pivot points on the same plane.

-If you are not a competent fabricator, please do not purchase. Anytime you working with complex formed sheet metal, additional work by you may need to be done. I can not help you with link geometry. There is tons of you tube videos, threads, and calculators available online. If the last two sentence bothers you please take the truck to a fabricator with experience, in the long run the truck will be better. Or at least know do the research to know what you are getting into 🙂

Video on how to assembly


2-3 week lead time, please contact for product time lines. Most large parts are made to order.

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2-3 week lead time, please contact for product time lines. Most large parts are made to order.


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