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  • CNC cut and bent
  • USA DOM .120 wall (when available)
  • 2” Main tubes, 1.75 tie ins, 1.5” gussets
  • Full 360 degree weld able
  • Stock dash and Door panels can stay intact (with modifications)
  • Factory Heat and AC ducts can be modified to retrofit back in stock location
  • Heater core stays in factory location
  • Retain factory headliner with modifications.
  • Consists of 75’ of 2” DOM, 80’ of 1.75”DOM, 43’ of 1.5” DOM in each cage
  • Each tube is labeled and marked for adjacent tube placement
  • Horizontal cross over seat bar tubes included.
  • Set up to retain factory rear seat. Please do not go jumping or hitting whoops with your kids in OEM back seat. 
  • Easily modified for your own touches and needs.
  • Race legal (you are responsible for reading rules and following them and adjust as needed)
  • PDF of tube layout and rough instructions provided
  • With 2-3 friends you can have the cage tacked in about 24hrs of work. Cab prep and panel R&I takes the longest.
  • Works with our back half and 55″ links.
  • Front and rear body mounts will need to be replaced.
  • If you are not a competent fabricator, please do not purchase. Anytime you working with tubes, additional work by you may need to be done.
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Due to covid-19 complications, we are experiencing longer than usual shipping times due to industry wide shortages. Most large parts are made to order and shipped via freight.


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1 review for 00-13 CHEVY CREW CAB WIY Cage

  1. Rudy Mejia

    TE Designs out did themselves with their cage work. The thought and process put into making this a weekend job is insane. The the marked landing points make it extremely easy. Being able to use the majority of your interior was a huge selling point for me. I have also purchased their 55” links, full back half, and link pockets. Every pieve fits just as good as the one before it. Highly recommend for anyone from the DIY’ers to full blown fab shops!

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